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PLC Programming

Leaders in Automation- ControlWise, Inc. Specializes in Programmable Logic Controllers...

ControlWise is known for having the most experienced and well-versed PLC Programmers in the industry. We are fluent with a wide range of PLC Hardware and Software including:

Our staff includes Senior Engineers with 25 plus years experience in the industry. Our knowledge-base ranges from conveyor and material handling to process and automotive automation. PLC Programs are created to spec utilizing the software and hardware requested by our customers. ControlWise supports a wide variety of automation systems, keeping up with the latest in software and technology while also providing superior service to customers with legacy systems. ControlWise has been making automation systems work since our inception almost 15 years ago and has a reputation in the industry for its PLC know-how, delivering a brand of integratrion amongst sytem houses that is unsurpassed.
Controls Engineering

Software and Control Solutions