Legacy Systems

Since our inception in 1996, ControlWise has been recognized throughout the industry as a capable service provider for existing industrial automation systems. Our staff has a vast knowledge of older PLC systems and assists customers with the maintenance, improvement, and revamping of their existing legacy system.
Want to add new technologically advanced instrumentation, sensor, or safety features to your existing system? Have an existing system that you'd like to expand with new I/O? Have a legacy system that is down or needs to be updated to work at its best? No problem! ControlWise, Inc. has a solution for you.
Our engineers and programmers work with older systems including, but not limited to Allen-Bradley, GE, Modicon, and Soft PLC. Whatever your current industrial application, ControlWise can provide the know-how necessary to improve, modify, or fix your existing legacy system.
Expertise on PLC5 and SLC 500 conversion to ControlLogix